Google now offers free VPN service to all Google One subscribers

Google now offers free VPN service to all Google One subscribers


09 March 2023

After adding the extremely useful Magic Eraser tool last month, Google is further enhancing its Google One subscription plans by extending support for free access to its own VPN service for all subscription plans.

Until recently, the Google One VPN service was only available for 2TB (or larger) plans costing €9.99/month, but as of today even those paying the basic 100GB plan will have access for just €1.99/month. At the same time, all subscribers will have the option to share the VPN service across 5 different accounts!

The VPN service is especially useful for those who want to protect their privacy, as it changes the IP address from networks and other third-party apps or services to make it appear that you're browsing from a different country. It works with all apps and all web browsers on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices.


Something similar to Google is offered by Apple in its iCloud+ service starting at €0.99/month for 50GB, with the Private Relay feature hiding the user's IP address from websites to prevent them from being tracked.

The launch of the free VPN for all Google One plan subscribers has already started in 22 countries, but for now that doesn't include Cyprus. It will probably be added in the coming weeks.

Besides, Google One subscribers in the US will receive reports from Google in case the latter detects any of their personal information (name, address, email, phone number, social security number SSN) on the dark web, along with tips to help them protect themselves.

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