Google Play Games for PC updated with 3000+ games and controller support

Google Play Games for PC updated with 3000+ games and controller support


23 October 2023

Google Play Games Beta on PC, a service that allows you to play Android games on a PC, is getting some new features, including support for 4K screen quality on "supported monitors" and popular console gaming controllers. Arjun Dayal, Google Play Games' director of product, described the changes in a blog post.

With the addition of 4K support, you may now choose your screen resolutions while playing the game. "Simply press Shift + Tab in any game to select from a menu of supported resolutions," Dayal said in a statement.


The Xbox Series X / S controller, the Xbox One controller, Sony's DualSense controller for PS5, and Sony's DualShock controller for PS4 are now supported. Google isn't the only firm making it simpler to use your other controllers on their platform; with iOS 14.5, Apple included compatibility for the DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers, and Valve plans to add DualSense support to Steam in 2020.

Dayal's blog article also has a handful of additional updates. Dayal claims that the Google Play titles library has over 3,000 titles, including the recent entries Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. To make it simpler to discover a specific game, Google is also adding a search bar to the "All games" area of Google Play Games on PC.

Google has been gradually extending the Google Play Games beta for PC, originally opening in three countries in January 2022, in open beta in the United States and a few other countries in November 2022, and in Europe (Cyprus included) and New Zealand in May.

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