Google reveals when Apple will adopt RCS protocol

Google reveals when Apple will adopt RCS protocol


29 March 2024

According to Google's new Google Messages page, Apple will add Rich Communication Services (RCS) functionality to iPhones this fall. This suggests that the iPhone maker will include RCS compatibility in the future iOS 18 version.

The page, discovered by 9to5Google, outlined the advantages of RCS. One of the sections within it featured the label "coming soon on iOS" and the title "Better messaging for all." Although the card is no longer visible on the website, the wording indicates that it is still present in the page's source code.

Apple has announced it will be adopting RCS in the fall of 2024. Once that happens, it will mean a better messaging experience for everyone,” the description read.

Apple acknowledged in November that it was working on adding support for RCS. At the time, the business did not provide a date, but stated that compatibility will be available "next year." Google has long asked Apple to incorporate RCS to eliminate the "Green bubble-blue bubble" distinction. While RCS will not address this, it will enable Android users to transfer high-resolution media to iPhone users.

Last year, Google revealed new features for RCS, including a profile, Photomoji, and enhanced audio quality for voice notes, citing a monthly usage of 1 billion users. Google's partial announcement of iPhone RCS compatibility timetable coincides with the US Department of Justice's legal action against Apple for monopolistic actions. The complaint specifically mentions "green bubbles" as a security concern for users.

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