Google's Bay View campus is now open

Google's Bay View campus is now open


18 May 2022

About 4,000 Google employees will be transferred this week to the company's new and highly impressive Mountain View campus. The company presented its new offices called Bay View, the first that it designed and built itself, taking into account the wishes and needs of employees, but also the environment.


Bay View consists of two large buildings designed to leave no energy footprint in the environment. To be precise, on their roof there are about 90,000 solar panels that deliver 7MW of energy to cover 50% of their energy needs, while the rest will be covered by wind turbines at short distances. According to Google, in 90% of cases Bay View will be completely covered by renewable energy sources.

Regarding the wellbeing of the employees, the windows on the roof are automatically adjusted according to the position of the Sun in order to have the best possible natural lighting in the area, the rain is collected in order to be used for cooling, watering and its operation. toilet, while the air is kept absolutely fresh because the ventilation system operates 100% with air coming from outside the buildings (in conventional systems the percentage is only 20-30%).


In addition to the 4,000-employee workplace, Bay View has a 1,000-person conference space and 240 hotel rooms for those who will be working there for a few days. Note that Google is preparing an even larger campus in San José for 20,000 employees.

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