Google unveils completely redesigned Android 12

Google unveils completely redesigned Android 12


19 May 2021

Google introduced new features to its apps and services, impressive projects, and the new operating system Android 12 in the opening speech at the conference Google I / O 2021.

Google has unveiled some of the new features of Android 12, which acquires a brand-new design compared to what we have seen in recent years from the operating system. The new line is called Material You and is the evolution of Material Design.

Users will have complete control over the color palette and widgets with Android 12. The company claims to have installed a new feature called "color extraction", which detects the colors in the wallpaper and then applies them everywhere on the device, such as notification tabs, lock screen, volume controls, widgets, etc. Google also promises that Android 12 will be faster, more responsive and that it will handle the battery in a better way thanks to optimized CPU usage.

At the same time, we will see the redesign of many important elements of the operating system, such as the notification tabs, the quick settings menu, and the power button, so as users can access almost anything related to their smartphones with one touch and one swipe. Shortcuts for Google Pay and Home Controls are now included in the quick settings, while they can activate the Google Assistant by holding down the power button.

Additionally, the company has integrated a new Privacy Dashboard to protect completely users' personal data. At the same time, indicators have been added indicating that the respective app has access to the camera or the microphone of the device, while switches have been installed in the quick settings to remove immediately the access of apps.

The beta version of Android 12 is already available for Pixel smartphones and will open in the coming weeks for more models.

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