Here are the top Android apps and games of the year

Here are the top Android apps and games of the year


30 November 2022

App developers release thousands of apps and games to the Google Play Store every year, so highlighting the top ones becomes especially important every year. True to tradition, Google chooses the best in each category based on its own criteria, while since last month it has also given ordinary users the opportunity to highlight the top app and top game of 2022 through the Users' Choice category.

Google names Dream by WOMBO as the top app of 2022 for Android devices. It is an Artificial Intelligence tool. that helps users create unique works of art using written text and related images. As far as games are concerned, the company considers EA's Apex Legends Mobile to be the best mobile game of the year, which is completed in a few days.

For their part, ordinary users agreed with Google and highlighted Apex Legends Mobile as a top game. However, the vote for the best app of 2022 gave the up-and-coming social network BeReal a big winner. It is worth noting that the choices of Android users are in full agreement with the corresponding awards given by Apple for iOS applications!

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