Instagram Reels can now be cross-posted to Facebook

Instagram Reels can now be cross-posted to Facebook


17 August 2022

Meta has officially announced the launch of new features for Reels on Instagram and Facebook, most interestingly the new “Add Yours” sticker that allows users to reply to other users' Reels with their own, and new content is constantly being created for some specific topic.

Meta is also opening up the Stars reward system to all qualified content creators, while allowing users to simultaneously post their Reels to Facebook and Instagram to save time and keep two channels of potential revenue open for their work.

Also important is the automatic creation of Facebook Reels from the older Stories that the user has published, as long as he has kept them in his file. Equally important for content creators is the new tab with analytics on the progress of Reels such as minutes watched, number of users who viewed them and average time watched.

Finally, the Reels Remix function is also extended to Facebook Reels, with the option to display your own remix next to the original or right after it.

It's clear that Meta is betting big on Reels, which already brings in over $1 billion in annual revenue.

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