Instagram will blur nude photos in DMs by default for teen users

Instagram will blur nude photos in DMs by default for teen users


12 April 2024

In an effort to safeguard users, particularly teenagers, from online con artists who commit sextortion scams, Meta has released a number of additional measures. Nudity prevention in direct messages (DMs) is one of the primary new features that prevents users from seeing unwanted photos from contacts or complete strangers.

According to Meta, testing of the new Instagram DMs nudity protection function will shortly begin. The tool's goal is to identify and blur photos that show nudity. Additionally, it cautions users from exchanging nude photos because nefarious individuals could misuse them.

According to the corporation, the function will shield users from unsolicited nudity as well as from scammers who might attempt to lure users into sharing their own nude photos.

Teens under the age of eighteen will have this new option enabled by default globally, and adults will receive a notification inviting them to turn it on as well. The function will alert you to the possibility that someone else may steal or send your private images, so you should exercise caution when sharing them. You will also be informed that although you can retract a photo if you change your mind, there's a possibility that someone else has already viewed it.

In addition to the previously noted safety caution, Meta will advise anyone who seek to share nudes to evaluate their conduct, stating that sharing someone else's sensitive photographs may violate the Community Guidelines or be unlawful. It also requires that people be respectful and consider how others may use the image.

Meta stated that it prohibits accounts of known sextortionists. If a user interacts with one of these sextortion identities, they will receive a pop-up message containing links to expert-backed resources if they require assistance.

The company plans to send more sextortion-specific signals through the Lantern initiative, which aims to interrupt criminal activities across platforms.

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