Instagram will show ads even in search results

Instagram will show ads even in search results


22 March 2023

You may soon start seeing ads in new Instagram sections. Meta has officially announced that it has started testing new types of ads, wanting to give companies even more options to boost their brand awareness.

One of these new "areas" is search results. When you search for a specific term in Instagram's system (e.g. makeup), sponsored posts will also appear in the results. We'll see this around the world in the coming months.

In addition, the Instagram development team is working with specific companies to test Reminder Ads that are designed to remind the user of an important fact about an advertised product. Some ads will include a "Remind Me" button that can be clicked to receive a notification related to the important event the day before and 15 minutes before it starts.

For example, consider a sponsored ad related to a movie. If you click on Remind Me you will receive a notification the day before its premiere, as well as 15 minutes before. These Reminder Ads will appear like any other notification coming from Instagram on the lock screen of the smartphone.

The drop in Meta's sales has led it to make tough decisions about its staff, having already made a massive layoff of 11,000 employees last November and preparing for another 10,000 departures in the next two months. At the same time, it is looking for ways to increase its profitability and apparently advertising is its bread and butter.

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