Is Fortnite coming back to iOS?

Is Fortnite coming back to iOS?


03 January 2023

iPhone users were able to install the popular game Fortnite on their iOS devices directly from Apple's App Store until Epic Games wanted to offer them an alternative payment method defying Apple's systems. The latter did not let it pass like that and after continuous appeals to Epic Games, decided to withdraw the game from its store.

A major legal battle ensued between Apple and Epic Games, with the latter accusing the former of monopolistic practices that must be radically changed. In the meantime, the Digital Markets Act bill was passed and implemented in Europe, which among other things obliges Apple to allow the installation of applications from third-party stores.

This development gave the CEO of Epic Games the reason to share shortly before expiring in 2022 that this year we will see Fortnite again on iOS devices after almost 2 and a half years! Apparently nothing will change from Apple's side and Fortnite will not return to the App Store, but it will become possible to install the game on iOS devices via sideloading.

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