Meta introduces Community Chats for Facebook Groups

Meta introduces Community Chats for Facebook Groups


14 September 2022

Meta has announced that within the next few weeks it will start testing Community Chats on Facebook Messenger for various Groups, allowing users to create new communication channels (either with written conversations or voice) and invite interested users to participate.


Community Chats will allow users who share common interests to connect in real-time in a variety of ways, including text, audio, and video. The experience seamlessly connects Messenger and Facebook Groups, allowing admins to start a conversation about a topic and receive instant feedback from other users instead of waiting for comments on a post.


In addition, instead of searching for the different topics of discussion within the same group chat in Messenger, the user who creates the Community Chat will be able to organize all the conversations into categories so that those interested can easily find the topics they want. For example, a Facebook Group for a music band might have a Community Chat about the latest news (eg concert dates, new albums, etc.).


Admins will have several options to grow their communities. For example, they will be able to start a conversation on a specific topic, create a view-only chat with informational material where they will not receive messages from other users, and set up audio channels where members will receive real-time support via voice messages or video.

Of course, there will be no shortage of tools to report, silence, hide and block users who violate the rules of the Group. The Admin Assist function is added here, which allows the administrator to set some parameters from the start which, when broken, will automatically lead to the blocking of the user.

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