Meta is preparing its own Twitter!

Meta is preparing its own Twitter!


22 May 2023

It is a fact that in recent months, various attempts by companies large and small to take advantage of Twitter's poor performance have come to the forefront, such as former CEO's BlueSky (Jack Dorsey) and Mastodon.

In Meta's case, the rumors were partially confirmed last March, when a company spokesperson told Platformer that they were working on a new and decentralized text-based social network, but avoided revealing details of the project at the time.

Lia Haberman's recent report, however, gives us a first look and more details about Project P92. The app looks like a combination of Twitter and Instagram, which gives the user the ability to connect to an Instagram account and also the ability to transfer all settings (e.g. blocked users) to the new network to post texts of up to 500 characters, along with links, photos and videos of up to 5 minutes in length. Other users will be able to make likes and replies, either as followers or without following the creator if the latter's profile is public.

What makes P92 stand out is its compatibility with other social networks, so users can search and interact with posts from anywhere. If rumors are confirmed, P92 will debut in beta in late June.

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