Meta will label AI content in Instagram, Threads and Facebook

Meta will label AI content in Instagram, Threads and Facebook


08 April 2024

Many in the IT industry, as well as those outside of it, are becoming increasingly concerned about the proliferation of AI-generated artwork and content online. Meta said that it will start labeling AI-based material across its social networks, Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, in a few weeks.

According to a news statement from Meta, these modifications were made in response to suggestions made by its own Oversight Board, as well as results from surveys that were open to the public and guidance from "academics, civil society organizations, and others." According to Meta, the Oversight Board and it both agreed that the previous AI labeling guidelines were "too narrow."

Before, movies, video clips created by AI, or videos altered by AI techniques to make it appear as though a person said something they didn't actually say could only be labeled as AI content. As most of us are already aware, AI programs that can create or modify photos in addition to films include DALL-E, Microsoft Designer, and others.

But according to Meta, the Oversight Board suggested fresh approaches for classifying AI material that complied with the business' Community Standards. According to Meta, new labels will be applied to AI content beginning in May. It also stated:

Our “Made with AI” labels on AI-generated video, audio and images will be based on our detection of industry-shared signals of AI images or people self-disclosing that they’re uploading AI-generated content. We already add “Imagined with AI” to photorealistic images created using our Meta AI feature.

Meta said it may place a more prominent "Made with AI" mark on content if it decides there is a high risk of deception. The company also claims to have around 100 individuals assigned to detecting fake or misleading AI-based material on its services. If a fact-checker discovers such content, it will appear lower in a user's Feed, along with an overlay displaying further information.

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