Microsoft brings Undo Send feature to Outlook for Mac

Microsoft brings Undo Send feature to Outlook for Mac


28 June 2022

Microsoft has officially announced that it will soon bring the Undo Send feature for Outlook to Macs, starting with the Insiders and then opening it for everyone.

This is a very simple but useful feature that we know from other email clients (eg Gmail). In case you regret sending an email you will have some time at your disposal to cancel the sending and modify it - edit as you wish to correct any errors.


In its official announcement, the company states the following:

We are all in the human position to press the Send Email button in a hurry and send a message with spelling mistakes, wrong recipients, no attachments or worse. No need to panic. Outlook for Mac will allow you to undo Send for more control over your communications. It is one of the functions that people have been asking for for a long time.

Once Undo Send with Insiders is tested, the general launch will not be long in all Outlook Mac users.

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