Microsoft Office apps on Android gain a dark theme

Microsoft Office apps on Android gain a dark theme


11 March 2021

There are many indications that Microsoft wants to incorporate a dark theme into the version of the Microsoft Office suite for Android devices. Several participants in the company's Insiders programs have discovered relevant references in the application code, so it is almost certain that we will see it soon.

The dark theme replaces the black text on the white background with a white text on a dark background. Because of that change, fatigue in the user's eyes is dramatically reduced, especially when he is in a room with low or non-existent lighting.

Furthermore, the dark theme will help to save battery life especially for devices with AMOLED screens. Unlike LCD panels that have a backlight layer, in an AMOLED panel each pixel of the screen is illuminated separately, so in case we want to see the black color, the pixels are not activated at all. It can be perceived that with the dark theme the biggest part of the screen is off, so only the very few pixels that represent the white color of the text consume battery.

According to tipsters, the dark theme will cover Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications for Android devices. Users will have three options at their disposal: Light, Dark and System Default, with the latter following the user's choice from the system of the device. This means that if the universal dark mode is enabled for a smartphone, then Microsoft applications will be displayed directly on their dark theme.

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