Microsoft Security Copilot brings AI in the service of cybersecurity

Microsoft Security Copilot brings AI in the service of cybersecurity


28 March 2023

Microsoft announced that it is bringing the next generation of artificial intelligence to cybersecurity with the release of Microsoft Security Copilot, giving people a powerful tool with the speed of AI for dramatically faster threat detection and response and deeper understanding of the threat landscape overall. Security Copilot, an easy-to-use AI assistant, combines Microsoft's expertise around threats and the broader cybersecurity industry to enhance the work of security professionals.

Security Copilot is designed to seamlessly "collaborate" with security teams, enabling cybersecurity professionals to monitor what's happening in their environment, learn from existing intelligence, correlate threat activity and make more informed and effective decisions in very quick time.

Simplify processes and speed up responses

In a world where nearly 1,300 password attacks occur every second, the scattered tools and infrastructure already in place were not enough to stop attackers. Security Copilot comes to simplify processes and enhance the capabilities of security teams by summarizing and understanding the intelligence of threats, helping them first, see through the noise of web traffic and then identify malicious activity faster.

Security Copilot will also help security teams correlate and summarize attack data, prioritizing specific incidents and suggesting the best course of action to rapidly remediate various threats in a timely manner.

Steadily enhancing the expertise of security teams

Security Copilot is constantly "learning" and improving to ensure that security teams are operating with the latest knowledge about attackers, their tactics, techniques and procedures. The product will provide continuous access to the most advanced OpenAI models to support demanding security operations and applications. The tool's visibility into threats is fed by both the security data of the organization in question, as well as Microsoft's vast amount of data around threat analysis. In addition, Security Copilot expands the capabilities of the expert team and works by assisting and supporting their expertise, workflows, threat actor profiles and cross-team incident reporting.

Security Copilot integrates natively with a growing list of Microsoft Security products, such as Sentinel and Defender, to help users create a complete experience across their entire security program.


Microsoft Security Copilot is currently available via private preview.

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