More than 200 million Twitter accounts leaked in massive breach

More than 200 million Twitter accounts leaked in massive breach


09 January 2023

There has been no end to Twitter's troubles since Elon Musk took over its fortunes. According to a new report by Bleeping Computer, hackers managed to gain access to a huge database that includes the usernames and email addresses of more than 200 million accounts on the platform!

This data was collected in a database from various "hits" carried out in previous years and despite the fact that passwords are not included, the degree of danger from this leak is particularly high, as hackers can use the information for targeted attacks doxxing and phishing.

The screenshots published by Bleeping Computer show that many of the email addresses remain active and in some cases reveal the real names of the users (those who have declared their real name on Twitter), the date the account was created and the number of followers.

Well-known cybersecurity researcher Troy Hunt analyzed the database and incorporated its information into the website Have I Been Pwned, where any user can check if their own account is also affected by the leak.

It should be noted that Twitter discovered the vulnerability in its security systems and fixed it last year in January, but the hackers had already done the damage.

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