Motorola introduces rollable smartphone concept at Lenovo Tech World 22

Motorola introduces rollable smartphone concept at Lenovo Tech World 22


19 October 2022

Motorola has been a pioneer in the mobile industry for over 90 years and has consistently been at the forefront of innovation from foldable to 5G. Today this trend continued at Lenovo Tech World ‘22, where Motorola described the future of innovative form factors and introduced a new Rollable smartphone concept.

This new Rollable concept comes from the team at 312 Labs, Motorola’s internal innovation group of product, research, design, and engineering experts from across the globe. 312 Labs explores several emerging technology spaces, and one, in particular, is reimagining device form factors to solve customer pain points and enable new experiences. This new concept builds upon the display and mechanical innovations we delivered in our foldable devices, and projects where the exciting space of dynamic form factors can go.

The vision behind rollable

At Motorola, we see the smartphone as an extension of ourselves – a tool that allows us to adapt to our surroundings and accomplish tasks with ease. Now, we are investing in flexible OLED or pOLED, screens to deliver an optimal balance of content and comfort. The Rollable concept embodies this idea with a screen that adjusts to three distinct states: extended, compact, and peek, with a simple press of a button.

At just over 4 inches tall, the Rollable concept retracts to a super pocketable form smaller than most other premium devices on the market. Whether it be a 6.5” screen for immersive gaming or a retracted size for on-the-go convenience, this concept provides endless opportunities for content creation and entertainment while offering the newfound flexibility of a small device with a wraparound screen.

In addition to the Rollable smartphone concept, Lenovo debuted a Rollable laptop PC concept that employs similar technology to elevate multi-tasking and browsing capabilities while retaining a compact size.

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