NASA announces the launch of its own streaming service, NASA+

NASA announces the launch of its own streaming service, NASA+


31 July 2023

By redesigning its science and flagship websites, launching its first on-demand streaming service, and enhancing the NASA app, NASA is improving its digital platforms for the benefit of all users. Thanks to these reforms, everyone will now have access to a whole new world of content from the space agency.

The beta website's early, in-progress preview is currently available to users at, and they are urged to visit and provide feedback there.

The agency's missions and research, climate data, Artemis updates, and other information will all be housed in this new web experience, which will be both constantly increasing and centralized. With a unified search engine, integrated navigation, and optimized publishing capabilities in a modernized and secure set of online tools, the redesigned and websites will offer a connected, topic-driven experience.

As it gets comments from website visitors, NASA will continuously update and enhance the beta site. When completely launched, this new experience will incorporate the online content from a number of well-liked agency websites to assure quicker, integrated access to the NASA information currently spread throughout the agency's several websites.

NASA will also revamp its mobile app and introduce its new streaming service, NASA+, later this year. Through the ad-free, no cost, and family-friendly streaming service, users will gain access to the agency’s Emmy Award-winning live coverage and views into NASA’s missions through collections of original video series, including a handful of new series launching with the streaming service.

Through the NASA App on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, as well as the web on desktop and mobile devices, NASA+ will be accessible on the majority of the key platforms.

In order to continually streamline all the material provided throughout its centers, missions, and programs, NASA will continue to connect additional agency websites and multimedia libraries into this unified experience after the launch of all new digital platforms. NASA will communicate science, research, exploration, and innovation with the world through unified platforms thanks to an improved online presence.

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