Netflix is testing a major homepage redesign for its TV app

Netflix is testing a major homepage redesign for its TV app


07 June 2024

Netflix is exploring a major homepage revamp for its TV app. The new design replaces the static tiles containing the episodes and movies you wish to view with boxes that expand when your remote lands on them.

It differs from how Netflix's current site works, which displays a title's trailer and other information at the top of the interface when you scroll over it. The new design, on the other hand, simplifies things by making all of the information you're seeking for much more visible on your screen.

Hover over a TV show or movie long enough, and Netflix will start playing a small preview right inside the tile. All of the information regarding a title is included below the box, including its synopsis, release year, number of episodes, and genre.

We often see members doing gymnastics with their eyes as they’re scanning the home experience. We really wanted members to have an easier time figuring out if a title is right for them.

That isn't the only thing Netflix is changing about its appearance. The refresh removes the menu that appears on the left side of Netflix's homepage, replacing it with a more streamlined selection of options at the top of the screen: search, home, series, movies, and My Netflix. Fortunately, you won't have to scroll to the very top of Netflix to get to the new menu. You can simply press the back button on your remote.

The new menu also reduces the number of options available in the previous left-side menu, such as the "Categories," "New & Popular," and "My List" tabs. Netflix's mobile app now includes My Netflix, a page that provides suggestions and quick access to recently viewed or stored films. You can still access "Categories" through the search tab.

The company will initially test the new webpage with a limited group of users using smart TVs and streaming devices.

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