Netflix's cloud gaming service is still at an early stage

Netflix's cloud gaming service is still at an early stage


20 March 2023

Cloud gaming services have been booming in recent years, regardless of the recent closure of Google Stadia, and Netflix is once again reiterating that it wants to prepare its own platform in order to bring Netflix Games to as many users and device types as possible.

Speaking to members of the press during a press briefing, Vice President of External Games, Leanna Loombe, said the following:

Our priority at this stage is mobile games. We are still at a very early stage of our journey and we are learning what kind of games our subscribers want to play. We announced last year that we have started developing our own cloud streaming service, but again I want to stress that we are at a very early stage to reveal more. However, we are committed to our work and we want to offer our games wherever there is Netflix.

The announcement of the cloud streaming service was made last October, when the company started recruiting for the development of its own games for PCs.

Moreover, Netflix continues to expand the list of games it offers its subscribers for Android and iOS devices. It revealed that the famous Monument Valley and its sequel will be added to Netflix Games in 2024 along with all their DLCs, while 2023 will see 40 more games join the existing 55 on the list. There are also more than 70 games in development, including Ubisoft's Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace and a new Super Evil Megacorp exclusive.

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