OpenAI now lets us use ChatGPT without an account

OpenAI now lets us use ChatGPT without an account


02 April 2024

Since its initial launch in late 2022, OpenAI has required anyone who want to use the chatbot to sign up for an OpenAI account. Today, the firm announced that everyone will have free access to ChatGPT, without the need to register an account.

In a blog post today, OpenAI indicated that it will roll out this new access "gradually," so depending on where you live, you may still need to create an account until this update is available to everyone. So, why is ChatGPT offered for free right now? According to OpenAI, their fundamental purpose is to make AI accessible to anyone who is interested in it.

According to OpenAI, the increased flexibility to access ChatGPT is subject to a few conditions. There will be extra safeguards for the "free" version, which implies text prompts may be prevented from being used.

You can still join up for an account to use ChatGPT, which will include capabilities not available in the "free" version. OpenAI says:

There are many benefits to creating an account including the ability to save and review your chat history, share chats, and unlock additional features like voice conversations and custom instructions.

According to OpenAI, users of the free ChatGPT edition can access any content typed within the chatbot to train it for future LLM models. People with or without an account, however, can simply go to the Settings menu and turn off the option labeled "Improve the model for everyone.”

According to OpenAI's announcement, ChatGPT is being used by 100 million people from 185 countries on a weekly basis.

As to an unconfirmed source, OpenAI and Microsoft are developing a $100 billion AI supercomputer dubbed "Stargate". It is not scheduled to be completed before 2028.

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