OpenAI unveils GPT-4o, an even faster and more natural AI model

OpenAI unveils GPT-4o, an even faster and more natural AI model


13 May 2024

Big updates to its AI chatbot, including a desktop app and the new ChatGPT GPT-4o upgrade, have been unveiled by OpenAI. From the OpenAI spring release, here are all of the major announcements.

Possibly the biggest news to emerge from the spring update is the release of GPT-4o, the most recent GPT model, which ChatGPT users will begin to receive today. The API of the new model is 50% cheaper, five times greater rate limitations, and two times faster than that of GPT-4 Turbo.

Not only will premium subscribers get access to the new model of ChatGPT 4o when it begins to roll out today. A major advancement over earlier models like GPT-4, which was only accessible to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, OpenAI has also disclosed that GPT-4o will be available with restricted usage rates for ChatGPT free users.

GPT-4o and other GPT models are accessible through a new desktop software that OpenAI is releasing along with the new model. Options to record your screen, record your voice, and interact with it directly with text and other media—such as photos and documents—will be available in the desktop software.

Being the first time ChatGPT has provided an official desktop program, it should be an even better choice for people who wish to access GPT on their computers more easily without having to log into their web browser.

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