Opera implements AI tools to its own web browser

Opera implements AI tools to its own web browser


24 March 2023

Attention has rightly been focused on the big names in the industry, but that doesn't mean that smaller players don't have similar concerns about technological developments. Opera is also entering the prolific AI game in a big way by officially announcing the addition of ChatGPT and ChatSonic tools to its eponymous web browser.

The company particularly stands by the new AI Prompts feature, which gives the user the ability to select pieces of text, phrases, paragraphs, etc. from a web page or article and ask ChatGPT to search for more information, compose a summary, create social media posts based on that topic, etc.!

Essentially, Opera integrates all of ChatGPT's functionality into the user's "right click", thus providing instant access to the new technology.

For more traditional users, the company has placed separate access buttons to ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the Opera browser sidebar, so that the user can compose the text - description that will feed the AI. For ChatSonic in particular, we note that it is an AI tool that creates images based on the written description given by the user (something like DALL-E).

The new AI tools arrived in early access form in the desktop versions of the Opera and Opera GX web browsers, with the company noting that there may be bugs in this early period. However, it is committed to adding even more AI tools soon to boost user productivity.

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