PlayStation Portal preorders begin and release date confirmed

PlayStation Portal preorders begin and release date confirmed


04 September 2023

Sony stated in a blog update that the remote-play device will be released on Wednesday, November 15, in select areas with preorders beginning today in those same countries, more than a week after the company revealed the name and price of the PlayStation Portal. However, Sony made it clear that further preorders would begin in various countries next month and that PS5 users would be informed of additional information later.

The PlayStation Portal—previously known as "Project Q"—was officially named last week by Sony in a blog post. Users of the PS5 will be able to play their games on an 8-inch display via Remote Play thanks to the PlayStation Portal. The display will use Wi-Fi to connect to one PS5 at a time in order to free up the TV and have a 1080p and 60Hz output. It will also include all the characteristics of a DualSense controller, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Sony asserts that the PlayStation Portal's battery life will be comparable to that of the DualSense controller, but only time will tell if that is the case.

On November 15th, The PlayStation Portal will be made available worldwide. As of this writing, PS5 owners who reside in the US, the UK, or other European nations can place preorders for the PlayStation Portal through PlayStation Direct. In the US, the PlayStation Portal will cost €219.99 as of launch. However, beginning on Friday, September 29, users in nations like Canada and Japan will be able to pre-order the gadget.

The PlayStation Portal received a mixed response at first on social media, but the impending price rise for PlayStation Plus has put a damper on the offer. While Sony has not yet provided any additional official remark regarding the price of PlayStation Plus, PS5 customers have taken to social media to express their displeasure in the hope that Sony would change its mind. Even though the PlayStation Portal doesn't have the same features as the Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch, some people are nevertheless curious to discover what it can do.

The PlayStation Portal was announced as online speculations of a forthcoming State of Play were starting to spread. Although it is unknown how many devices Sony will sell, the restrictions and price will be crucial considerations.

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