The PrimeTel Fleet service leads the management of your business vehicles to the right way. Aimed at companies and professionals that maintain a fleet of vehicles of all sizes and provides immediate results in areas such as:

    Reduce Operational Costs

    • Reduction in fuel consumption
    • Reduce management costs and organization of the work and services
    • Overtime reduction

    Raise Productivity

    • Making better use of human resources
    • Quality assurance and reliable cargo delivery to customers
    • Increasing jobs per vehicle


    • Vehicle protection, driver and goods
    • Contingencies
    • Search vehicle in case of theft


    • Positioning, movement and status of all vehicles in real time
    • Statistics Monitoring Tools
    • Monitoring services
    Architecture of PrimeTel Fleet service.

    • Positioning of the vehicle is via the GPS satellite system
    • The telemetry device collects information from the vehicle and the satellite
    • The vehicle position information was sent * via the GPRS network of PrimeTel to the internet and then in the central service application
    • Host application is located on the premises (data center) of SMARTnav.
    • The user has access to the PrimeTel Fleet service from the office or from any laptop to mobile phone

    PrimeTel Fleet Programs

    Fleet BasicFleet ProfessionalFleet Premium
    Monthly fee€14.90€21.90€32.90
    Telemetry device (GPS)FREEFREEFREE
    Data usage50MB50MB50MB
    Sampling frequencyEvery 1 minuteEvery 10 secondsEvery 6 seconds
    Web App
    Fuel sensorsxx
    Driver identificationxx
    Temperature sensorsxx
    Routes History1 month1 year1 year
    Additional functionalityx
    Everything is everything you can do!

    • Access from any PC, any browser and any mobile device
    • Show map on full screen
    • Sub accounts creation
    • Links to all loggers temperatures (Euroscan,ThermoKing, Carrier)
    • Notification when outage battery, GPS antenna disconnect, move vehicle with engine switched off
    • Notification in case of overspeed which has been designated
    • Identification and monitoring of one or more vehicles simultaneously in real time
    • Choice of vehicles and routes information: distance / stop / speed route
    • Show real-time status of all vehicles simultaneously on one screen
    • Show real-time events of all vehicles simultaneously in a pop-up window
    • Display dynamic graphs with sensor values
    • Mass determination POI on the map with the definition of the user of the dis meter of each point
    • SMS notification for movement outside or within defined boundaries
    • Find address and the nearest vehicle in this direction (imaging and kilometres)
    • Recording paths in history with all information up to 1 year
    • Fuel level monitoring
    • Monitoring temperature refrigeration chambers
    • Notification via voice call and SMS in case of emergency
    • Driver recognition – immobilizer
    • Analysis tools and statistical information as:
      • Routes (starting point/destination)
      • Stop time
      • Consuming vehicles (fuel)
      • Speed (average, maximum speed)
      • Distance traveled per vehicle / driver
      • Information of sensors (e.g temperature refrigerators)
    • Interconnection with company information systems
    • Roaming feature

    Fleet management new features for bikes small – medium – large motor capacity offers ‘’PrimeTel Fleet’’ service.

    The new feature applies to companies and businesses that maintain fleet of bicycles and want to enjoy all the benefits of PrimeTel Fleet service.

    Ideal solution for:

    • Courier companies
    • Food delivery
    • Newspaper delivery
    • Technical support companies with fleet of bicycle
    • Public sector

    System / Device features

    • Access from any PC, Tablet PC, Smartphone or Notebook
    • Management, Tracking and safety of the bike in real time
    • Analysis and statistics services distributions and attitudes
    • Built-in alarm (siren, notifications SMS / GPRS, wireless remote control)
    • Notification in case of accident
    • Water resistant device
    • Low battery consumption
    • Easy installation
    • Terms & Conditions
      1.All prices include VAT 19%.
      2.Single telemetry device installation cost (GPS) is €60 per vehicle.
      3.The free GPRS volume exclusively to the transmission of data to and from the vehicle and 50MB cover unlimited monthly usage of the service.
      4.The above charges and characteristics of user programs only apply to use of the service in Cyprus

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