Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro: A ruggedized tablet designed for the new mobile workforce

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro: A ruggedized tablet designed for the new mobile workforce


06 September 2022

Samsung Electronics released the new Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro — a versatile tablet that’s strong and portable enough to power productivity beyond the office. With military-grade toughness, advanced productivity features and the Samsung Knox security platform, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is designed to thrive under the pressure of today’s mobile business.

Light, Tough and Ready for Work

Beyond being tough enough to endure even the most demanding work environments, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is also stunning with a slim and lightweight frame that measures 10.2mm thick and weighs 674g. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is highly portable for use outside the office, on the sales floor or out in the field.

Equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro outperforms other chemically strengthened glass with scratch and damage resistance. It can also endure drops of up to 1m, or with the protective cover that comes inbox, drops of up to 1.2m. As an added layer of protection, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro and its integrated S Pen are IP68 rated for dust and water resistance. And for the harshest environments, the device is MIL-STD-810H compliant to withstand extreme altitudes, temperatures, vibration and humidity.

In the Field, Frontline or At a Desk, Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Works Anywhere Employees Do

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is designed to make the jobs of frontline and field workers easier and includes several features tailored to their unique work environments. Key mapping6 allows companies to program device keys based on their needs to quickly launch business-critical or commonly used apps with the press of a button. The touch sensitivity of the display is also adjustable for use with gloves so workers can use the device without jeopardizing their health or safety.

While in the field, it can be difficult to hear device sounds, leading to confusion or mistakes. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro combats this problem with a significant increase in maximum volume, so workers will be able to hear loud and clear even in a busy hospital ward or a noisy construction site.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is also compatible with a range of accessories from Samsung and third party partners. From ergonomically designed cases with straps or stands, to charging cradles, attachable keyboard covers and wearable barcode scanners, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro’s broad catalog of accessories ensures seamless integration with the way businesses are run.


Built To Support Today’s Modern Mobile Enterprise

Ruggedized on the outside and sophisticated within, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro features the best of Samsung’s industry-leading software and powerful hardware. The intuitive One UI mobile experience enables a more personalized experience while the octa-core advanced processor keeps employees connected and highly productive with faster processing speeds. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro also offers expandable storage with an optional microSD card so workers can keep all important files locally on their device.

With built-in Sub6 5G and Wi-Fi 6, employees can rely on fast speeds and low latency to stay connected when it matters most. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is also ready to support CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) for private network service, so businesses can use their own reliable and scalable network.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro features enhanced near-field communication (NFC) and mobile Knox Platform for POS (Point of Sale) which makes it a particularly powerful tool for retail businesses. Whether mounted at a cash register or used as a portable point of sale, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro can keep customers happy by enabling faster and easier check out. And with Knox Capture, the tablet can function as an enterprise-grade barcode scanner for real-time tracking and checking of inventory.

Never worry about losing power at a critical moment — with both a replaceable battery and POGO fast-charging, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro recharges your device quickly. And with No Battery Mode, the device can be used continuously at a kiosk or in a vehicle without battery, while also preventing depleted battery health, even in high temperature environments.

For jobs that take workers out of the field and into the office, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro can easily be connected to an external display through Samsung DeX20 or used in Standalone Mode to emulate a desktop interface on the tablet.


The new Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro will be available starting September in parts of Europe.

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