Samsung unveils the new generation of devices with built-in AI

Samsung unveils the new generation of devices with built-in AI


20 February 2024

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled its new product lineup for 2024 in the categories of TVs, audio, mobile, smart home and digital devices. The presentation was made at a press conference held by the company as part of the "World of Samsung" which is currently taking place in Frankfurt.

"World of Samsung" invites media representatives and partners to Germany not only to see Samsung's latest devices, but also to experience in practice how these devices use AI capabilities to make life less complicated and more comfortable. During the event, Samsung will also share details about its vision for "AI for All", which focuses on how AI technology will enable people to experience their devices more intuitively and easily than ever before.

The new era of Mobile AI is here, enhancing everyday experiences

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24, revealed last month at Galaxy Unpacked, unleash new mobile experiences with Galaxy AI.

Visitors will be able to experience Live Translate and Note Assist features in supported languages. Notably, the Galaxy S24 series incorporates the intuitive, gesture-based Circle to Search with Google feature. With a long press of the home screen button, users can circle, highlight, write or tap anything on the Galaxy S24 screen receiving useful high-quality search results. This way, when a user sees, for example, a jacket they like on social media, they can simply select the image and be taken immediately to the product page.

Redefining home entertainment with the latest TV and audio innovations

"World of Samsung" will highlight the 2024 TV and audio lineup, including the Neo QLED 8K 2024 and Micro LED innovation, offering options for everyone.

Featuring Samsung's most innovative processor to date, the NQ8 AI Gen 3, Samsung's powerful and intelligent 2024 Neo QLED 8K TV series offers stunning picture quality. The Gen3 processor features an on-device built-in AI engine (NPU). It is twice as fast as the previous Gen2 processor and Samsung's fastest processor to date. This results in an exceptional image quality. For sports enthusiasts, the AI Motion Enhancer Pro solves common problems that arise when streaming high-resolution matches by reducing ball distortion. It automatically detects the type of sport and applies the appropriate ball detection model using deep learning AI technology.

The new innovation Transparent MICRO LED is also presented at the "World of Samsung". A major development in display technology, this technology combines aesthetic design with technological advances to deliver vivid image quality and future-proof technology that offers a variety of possibilities in transparent display applications. In addition, Samsung's Transparent MICRO LED offers stunning brightness, bezel-free design and transparency thanks to a high aperture area in each pixel, improving the sharpness of content while maintaining the visibility of real objects behind the screen.

The event also showcases Samsung's new lifestyle TV products and new features that enhance the personalised user experience. In particular, Music Frame is a customizable and flexible speaker that works seamlessly with SmartThings. It works as a standalone wireless speaker and, can be paired with a Samsung TV and soundbar via the Q-Symphony feature, enriching the perimeter sound and bass capabilities. The Music Frame adapts to any room, as it looks like a frame to complement the room's d├ęcor and provide rich surround sound.

The connected home is upgraded with devices that incorporate AI technology

Samsung's BESPOKE devices, which will be showcased at "World of Samsung", provide enhanced user comfort through connectivity and integration of AI technology. Thanks to its sleek design and the latest AI capabilities, BESPOKE home appliances bring futuristic style and enhanced functionality to any modern home.

The new Family Hub Refrigerator features new capabilities such as AI Vision inside. AI Vision uses an indoor camera and Vision AI technology to automatically create and update a food list in the refrigerator, recording food as it enters and exits. AI Vision Inside offers the unique ability to easily manage and monitor food inside the refrigerator.

Other devices in the BESPOKE series also take advantage of the latest developments in artificial intelligence. Thanks to a new circulation pump and AI improvements in software algorithms, the new Bespoke AI washing machine now exceeds the minimum Grade A energy efficiency requirements by up to 40%. In addition, the AI Wash function uses 5 different sensors to intelligently adjust washing performance for each load. Also, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo incorporates the upgraded AI Object Recognition function, now having the ability to move with greater precision than ever before, expanding the number of objects it can discern. At the same time, it features the AI Floor Detect function, so it can detect different surfaces and adjust the required cleaning power, just like the Jet AI Bespoke vacuum cleaner.

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