Sega announces Sonic Rumble for mobile devices

Sega announces Sonic Rumble for mobile devices


08 May 2024

SEGA acquired Rovio for $776 million approximately a year ago, and the Finnish studio's first game since then is Sonic Rumble. The newly revealed smartphone title allows users to manipulate toy figures and engage in 32-player battle royale battles.

The game includes all of Sonic the Hedgehog's classic characters, which may be tweaked to create unique avatars. Sonic Rumble, SEGA and Rovio's first joint project, is anticipated to arrive on iOS and Android this winter.

The game will be free, but there will be optional in-game purchases for individuals who wish to spice up their gameplay experience a little bit.

SEGA is seeking closed beta testers for Sonic Rumble before its launch. Interested fans can apply on the game's official website. The signup deadline is May 19, and the closed beta phase starts May 24 and closes May 26.

It's also worth noting that the test will be conducted in different time periods to allow for the assessment of multiplayer gameplay. If you wish to participate in the closed beta, make sure to check the available time slots listed on the game's website.

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