Sony unveiled DualSense Edge controller for PlayStation

Sony unveiled DualSense Edge controller for PlayStation


24 August 2022

Sony found the right occasion at the start of Gamescom 2022 to go ahead with the unveiling of its new remote controller for PlayStation, which is called DualSense Edge and comes to add some new features to the already excellent DualSense.


The DualSense Edge is quite similar in design to the original, but looks slightly bulkier and stands out for the fact that users will be able to reprogram all of its buttons and joysticks, adjust the sensitivity of triggers, and even change buttons and sticks with spare parts.

Among the new features we also find the addition of an Fn button to change user profiles directly (each profile can have the DualSense Edge buttons configured differently or you have configured them differently depending on the game you are playing), as well as experimenting with other settings such as volume.


Sony hasn't revealed the release date, nor the price of the DualSense Edge, which we expect it to do at its own event in the fall (likely in September).

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