Spotify's annual recap is now available for all users

Spotify's annual recap is now available for all users


29 November 2023

Spotify has released its annual Spotify Wrapped recap for 2023, providing fans with information on their favorite artists, songs, and podcasts from the previous year. Spotify Wrapped, now in its eighth year, continues to expand by introducing new ways to engage users and deliver listening recaps in a fun and shareable fashion.

A notable new feature for 2023 is the assignment of a "Sound Town" to each user based on their listening patterns over the previous twelve months. Spotify pairs users with cities that have similar music likes based on their genres and artists. Wrapped also profiles users using one of Spotify's twelve "music personality" personalities.

Along with these new capabilities, Spotify Wrapped delves deeper into users' top musicians by identifying the month in which each of their top five artists' listening peaked. For a new design, top genres are now depicted as ingredients in a hamburger.

  • Me in 2023 demonstrates a streaming habit that defined your music listening this year. When you flip your card, it reveals a listening character specific to your tastes and habits on Spotify. Check out all 12 characters here.
  • Sound Town matches you to a city based on your listening and artist affinity.

Wrapped artist profiles also provide information, including statistics on their most popular music and podcast episodes from the creators' views. Wrapped listening parties are also being organized by Spotify, where selected artists may interact with fans by streaming their favorite songs.

For the first week, Wrapped profiles are accompanied by an AI DJ guide to discuss preferred artists and songs.

  • AI DJ will guide you through your Wrapped, serving up your music with commentary about your most-streamed artists, genres, and songs this year. You can also invite friends to create a Blend with all of your top songs by tapping the 2023 Wrapped Top Songs filter to combine your favorites into one shared playlist.

Wrapped is still available on Spotify's mobile and desktop clients. Users can also access their accounts for the first time by visiting

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