Telegram gives Premium users unlimited reactions and enhances the iOS and Android apps

Telegram gives Premium users unlimited reactions and enhances the iOS and Android apps


19 September 2022

Reactions to chat messages, emoji statuses, and UI changes for iOS and Android are some of the new features that Telegram is announcing.

Premium subscribers now have "a variety of endless reactions," starting with reactions. They are able to respond to specific messages with up to three animated emoticons. Last month, Telegram introduced its Emoji Platform, which enables anybody to create their own unique animated emoticons. Additionally, the emoji panel has been expanded to make room for more emojis and emoji packs.

More reactions have been added to the one-row list for those without Premium.

The ability to put any emoji, stock or custom, as a profile status is now available to Premium users. Emoji Statuses can be configured to disappear after a specific period of time. Tap and hold on the Premium badge on your profile to set an Emoji Status.

Each user now has a unique username link in the new format. For Telegram groups and channels, this new link structure is also applicable. Typing the slash symbol may cause friction for certain users, although it doesn't really differ from the format, which is actually not that different.

These next few updates are specific to Android or iPhone. Let’s start with Android.

On an Android device, you can now control the priority of downloads as they proceed. An active download can now be held down while you reorganize it (iOS already had this feature).

To open and close Instagram photographs and videos, new Android UI animations have been added. The theming engine in Android 13 is currently compatible with the Telegram app icon.

The iOS version of the Telegram app now has a sparkling setup screen with new moving symbols, and users on both platforms can now choose to sign in with Apple or Google.

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