The EU proposes common chargers on all devices

The EU proposes common chargers on all devices


24 September 2021

According to a recent report, the European Commission is going to propose a bill to pass new legislation that will allow mobile phones, tablets, and headsets to use universal chargers.

Senior EU officials and legislators have been debating mandating manufacturers to use universal chargers for the past decade or more. The main reasons behind the new legislation promoting the unification of charger standards are environmental impact and user convenience. However, If this bill passes, it will have a big impact on Apple.

The Lightning interface is used on Apple's iPhone. If this new plan pulls through, it will hinder innovation and result in massive amounts of electronic waste. However, it appears that there will be many benefits in the long run. Users will have more alternatives, and charging concerns will no longer be an issue when switching between Android and iPhone devices.

According to a survey conducted by the European Commission in2019, only 21% of smartphones have a Lightning connector, with the remaining 79 percent using micro USB or USB-C. The EU will most likely adopt the USB Type-C solution.

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