The story behind the invention of Google Chrome

The story behind the invention of Google Chrome


27 May 2021

Google's success may have skyrocketed with its search engine and millions of results, but what if it weren't for the Chrome browser?

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma posted on Twitter a video of Eric Schmidt, Google CEO for many years, telling the hilarious story about the creation of Chrome.

Schmidt said Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were "scandalous" while he was Google's CEO. One such "scandal" concerned the creation of Chrome. Page and Brin often told Schmidt that they wanted to build an operating system and a browser. Schmidt constantly turned them away, saying that they were unable to do so, as Microsoft would "kill" them.

"And I said we were not going to make an operating system and a browser because Microsoft would kill us and I do not want to be killed," Schmidt said, adding that he had been "killed" before in other jobs.

"Page and Brin eventually hired someone to improve Firefox performance," Schmidt said. "Six months later, I am called down to the office, and this person who was hired to improve the performance of Firefox has managed to invent Chrome," he said, adding: "Shocking!"

Schmidt asked the person how long they’ve been working on Chrome, and they said they’ve been doing it on the side. “No, you have done it full-time,” Schmidt told that engineer, asking how many people they had under them. “Oh, we have ten more people,” the Google employee informed Schmidt, confirming that Page and Brin knew about the development of Chrome and encouraged it.

However, Chrome is now the biggest internet browser in the world.

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