Twitter Article is a test for long-form posting

Twitter Article is a test for long-form posting


09 May 2022

When Twitter first appeared in the world of the Internet, the reason it helped it evolve and become such a powerful platform was the very short way to express yourself about what concerns you. With 140 characters initially and 280 for the past few years, Twitter continues to strengthen its position with millions of users who do not want to read/use many words.

This may change relatively soon, as the company experiments with a new feature called Twitter Article or Twitter Note. The revelation was made once again by the famous researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who published screenhosts that give us a first idea of ​​the new feature.

Twitter Article is essentially a way to publish long-form texts to express your thoughts more easily and gives you options for title, text formatting, embedding up to 4 images or a GIF or a video.

It is not known if it will be available to all users or if it is intended only for Twitter Blue subscribers. We assume that in the coming weeks the launch will take place and then we will find out all the details.

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