Twitter introduces Podcasts to its Spaces Tab

Twitter introduces Podcasts to its Spaces Tab


26 August 2022

Podcasts have become more popular than ever in recent years, offering content creators a unique way to reach audiences directly. That's why we see all the big tech companies, music services, and social networks looking for ways to integrate them into their platforms.

This time it's Twitter's turn to create a separate space on its social network for Podcasts, which will be integrated into the Spaces tab it added a few months ago to encourage live audio conversations between interest group users. The mode of operation is extremely simple, you just press the play button on your favorite podcast and start listening.


Twitter notes the following in its official announcement:

We're integrating podcasts into Twitter as part of our new Spaces tab redesign. We understand that some conversations require more than 280 characters, and bringing users closer to ideas, content and creators they care about is at the core of what we do, no matter where those conversations take place.

Podcasts are grouped into News, Music, Sports, etc. Users can customize the Podcasts section to see only the categories and topics they are interested in, and Twitter will provide suggestions based on those interests.

Podcasts are currently only available to those who have the app set to English on iOS and Android devices.

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