VALL-E is an AI tool that replicates your voice in an instant

VALL-E is an AI tool that replicates your voice in an instant


11 January 2023

Artificial Intelligence is back in the spotlight with a new very impressive application from Microsoft. The company is working on VALL-E, an AI tool that has the ability to imitate the user's voice with great accuracy as long as he has heard it for just 3 seconds!

The company says it has trained VALL-E with more than 60,000 hours of material, hundreds of times more than similar tools, so it not only has the ability to mimic voice timbre, but also changes in emotion and expression. of the user. Already from the first samples and tests that have been done by ordinary users, the tremendous accuracy and the huge difference compared to the robotic result of other tools can be seen.

As expected, the world welcomes VALL-E with awe, but also with great concern about the possibility of malicious exploitation of its capabilities. Several mention the case of voice actors who may lose their jobs in the future from the use of such tools, while there is also the risk of phone scams.

What is certain is that AI tools will continue to amaze us with their capabilities in the future, which will grow exponentially as they are trained with more information, whether we are talking about VALL-E or DALL-E (image generation from written descriptions ), or for Chat-GPT which can chat and write reports by itself.

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