Viber introduces a new feature to save storage space in the app

Viber introduces a new feature to save storage space in the app


07 March 2023

Rakuten Viber, one of the world's leading companies in personal and secure messaging and voice communication, announces a new storage management feature, allowing Viber users to easily control storage and free up data when needed. Users with storage-constrained devices will now be able to use Viber more efficiently.

As multimedia messages have massively increased in size due to videos, AR lenses, photos and other forms of interactive communication, it is difficult for older versions of mobile devices to handle data efficiently. According to GlobalStats, about 40% of Android users are using version 11.0 or lower for mobile and tablets, which means a significant number of users have limited storage space.

Viber's new storage management feature allows users to clear Viber's cache or choose which conversations need space clearing. Storage management helps users see how much space Viber is taking up on their device, how much storage they have in total, how much free space is left, and how much space each conversation is taking up.

Users can delete unnecessary files by selecting the ones they wish to remove on a per-chat basis. This feature allows deleting any media content from the chat, such as videos, photos or files, only for the user performing the action, while media files for other participants in the chat will not be affected. If users have already downloaded files received in the app, these files will remain safely stored on the user's device.

For more information, please refer to the Viber Storage Management support article:

For iOS, the feature will be available from version 19.3.0 and for Android it is available from 19.4. This is a mobile-only feature

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