Waze will now show EV charging station information

Waze will now show EV charging station information


16 March 2023

Finding a charging station for your electric vehicle will soon become much easier. Starting today, a new feature will gradually become available on the Waze service that will allow users to declare the type of electric vehicle and its plug in the app of the same name, so they can easily find compatible charging stations on their way.

It is common for information on electric vehicle charging stations to be outdated or unreliable, with the result that many drivers reach them only to find that they cannot use them. By adding the new feature to the Waze app map, users will be able to take advantage of reports left by other app users about charging stations.

As a service that relies heavily on user collaboration, Waze will display real-time user reviews and feedback on charging stations, making the whole process significantly more useful, quick and easy for all electric vehicle drivers.

The Waze app is owned by Google, so it wouldn't come as much of a surprise if this launch is a big test to add a similar tool to the clearly more popular Google Maps service in the near future.

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