WhatsApp introduces screen sharing with video and more calling updates

WhatsApp introduces screen sharing with video and more calling updates


14 June 2024

WhatsApp is upgrading its video calling feature, which will be available on both mobile and desktop over the next several weeks. The instant messaging software is attempting to improve the video conferencing experience for sessions with numerous users.

Speaker Spotlight is a function that automatically highlights and places the person speaking in the video conference foremost on the screen. The firm will also allow you to share your screen with an audio feed during video conversations, which is useful for watching videos together.

WhatsApp is also streamlining its video call participant limit. All platforms, including desktop and mobile, where WhatsApp is available now support video calls with up to 32 participants.

Previously, the business allowed up to 32 participants for video calls on mobile devices, but other limits applied to other platforms. For example, its Windows and Mac programs only supported video calls for up to eight individuals.

The video calling feature was launched in 2015 and enhanced to eight participants by 2020. Initially, it only supported mobile devices for direct chats and groups, but eventually expanded to include other platforms.

WhatsApp also stated that its recently released low-bitrate audio codec, MLow, improves video and audio call quality on mobile devices and provides sharper audio even in bad network conditions.

"Calls made on mobile devices benefit from improved noise and echo cancellation, making it easier to have calls in noisy environments, and video calls have higher resolution for those with faster connections," it said in a blog post.

WhatsApp's recent feature update aligns with video conferencing apps like Zoom, which allows for up to nine active speakers. The Meta-owned firm plans to launch other features in the future, such as blocking profile photo snapshots, ranking status updates, and selecting default media upload quality.

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