WhatsApp will bring View Once function to its desktop app

WhatsApp will bring View Once function to its desktop app


27 November 2023

About a year ago, WhatsApp tried "View Once" photo and video sharing for the desktop version of the app. However, the functionality was dropped. To refresh your memory, View Once media sharing allows you to share self-destructing photographs and videos. They can only be seen once before being immediately erased. That's an excellent privacy option to employ when dealing with sensitive information that you don't want the other party to store or reuse. Meta appears to have altered its mind. It is reintroducing self-destructing content capabilities in the WhatsApp desktop app.

The View Once function should work again on Windows, Mac, and iPad, according to the usual source of WhatsApp scoops, WABetaInfo. You should not transfer files from the desktop version of WhatsApp if you can't see it on your smartphone while trying to share ephemeral media assets. Instead, you may email self-destructing photographs and videos using an iPhone or Android app.

It's quite simple to check if View Once capability is enabled on your PC version of WhatsApp. Try sending a standard snapshot with no privacy safeguards to a contact or yourself. If a "1" shows in the Caption area and you can tap it, you can use your WhatsApp desktop app to send self-destructing media material.


The graphic provided by WABetaInfo should be self-explanatory. When you try to share View Once material on the mobile app, you'll get a "1" in the Caption area.

When the feature will be available to all users is unknown. But, if Meta has brought it back, it should be available to all WhatsApp desktop users soon. This appears to be available to ordinary WhatsApp users rather than beta versions. While I have the most recent version of WhatsApp installed on my Mac, View Once pictures and video sharing are not yet supported.

Before you share ephemeral content with others via WhatsApp or other apps, keep in mind that there are ways to save it. The other individual can always record or photograph the View Once photographs and movies using a secondary device. That is, if they do not open the self-destructing photo or video before recording it.

A photo or video can only be seen once with View Once content. After that, WhatsApp will remove it from the discussion. This support page should assist you in navigating the View Once capability.

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