Xiaomi introduces HyperOS to replace MIUI

Xiaomi introduces HyperOS to replace MIUI


17 October 2023

With the debut of Xiaomi HyperOS, Xiaomi has officially confirmed the successor to its existing UI, MIUI, putting an end to the rumors.

There had been reports of a new operating system called MiOS. And lately, Xiaomi registered trademarks for ‘Xiaomi Pengpai’ and ‘Xiaomi Hyper’. Interestingly, while it is known as HyperOS in English, it is known as ThePaper OS in Chinese.

So, in an exciting development, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has revealed that the next Xiaomi 14 series will be the first to utilize this new operating system. Production has already begun, which is a huge step forward in the company's goals. Lei Jun also claimed that HyperOS would progressively replace MIUI in older devices that are currently running it.

Furthermore, one intriguing element is whether Xiaomi is transitioning to an Android version-based OS with HyperOS, akin to ColorOS, OxygenOS, OneUI, and Funtouch OS, which all annually upgrade their software while using the most recent Android version as their foundation. According to certain sources, Xiaomi may be inspired by HUAWEI's Harmony OS. By implementing AOSP and a micro kernel.

Also, anticipation is growing as we anticipate learning more about HyperOS in the coming weeks. Furthermore, this new operating system is scheduled to be unveiled alongside the Xiaomi 14 series. It will make its debut in November. As the launch date approaches, tech aficionados are excited to see how HyperOS will shape Xiaomi's smartphone and tablet experiences in the future.

As a result, Xiaomi's decision to introduce HyperOS is a strategic move in a highly competitive smartphone business. Xiaomi hopes to gain more control over the user experience by establishing its own operating system. By enhancing security and feature enhancements across its product line. This decision is consistent with Xiaomi's dedication to innovation and the continued expansion of its network of interconnected smart devices. Providing its consumers with a seamless and harmonious digital lifestyle. As the technological environment evolves, HyperOS offers an exciting step forward for Xiaomi, paving the way for a new era in smartphone and tablet technology.

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