YouTube's algorithm doesn't seem to take account your dislikes

YouTube's algorithm doesn't seem to take account your dislikes


21 September 2022

In theory, YouTube offers us some ways to control the content it proposes and the most obvious of them is the Dislike button on videos. However, a new study by Mozilla, unfortunately, proves that it does not work as we imagine it in practice.

Mozilla used an Open-Source Web Extension called RegretsReporter and with the help of more than 20,000 volunteer users, he conducted a month in-depth to observe whether the YouTube algorithm is influenced by both the Dislike button and the Not Interested and Don't Recommend this channel options. The survey finding showed that the algorithm stopped just 12% of unwanted videos!

More specifically, the most effective option was the Don't Recommend This Channel, preventing 43% of unwanted videos. The least effective option is Not Interested, as it cut only 11% of unwanted videos. Regarding Dislike, volunteers said that while asking YouTube to stop the appearance of war-related videos, the service continued to show them content from the war in Ukraine.

According to Mozilla, Google has the ability to correct the algorithm to follow the user's instructions, but it should also show the required will.

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