YouTube tests new generative AI features

YouTube tests new generative AI features


07 November 2023

YouTube stated today that it will begin experimenting with new generative AI technologies. YouTube viewers will be able to check out a new conversational tool that utilizes AI to answer questions about YouTube's content and give suggestions as part of the premium package accessible to paying members, as well as a new feature that will summarize subjects in the comments of a video.

Both functionalities will be offered on an opt-in basis through YouTube's new experiment hub, The conversational tool will be available in the coming weeks, whilst the subject summary tool will be tested with a select number of individuals who sign up for the trial via the website.

According to YouTube, the traditional tool's replies will be produced by massive language models that draw on data from YouTube and the web and are intended to assist viewers "dive in deeper" to the content they're seeing. Participants, for example, will be able to ask questions regarding the video they're presently watching or request alternative videos to watch that are comparable to the video by performing actions such as "recommend related content." These talks with the AI will be able to take place while the video is streaming, so that playing is not interrupted.

The feature will initially be available exclusively in the United States and on Android devices via a new "Ask" option on the video's watch page. Starting today, YouTube Premium subscribers can opt into this test, but it will not display on every YouTube video.

Meanwhile, the comments summarizer will use generative AI to arrange and summarize the themes of conversation in big comment sections beneath a video, allowing viewers to catch up on what others have been saying. This functionality, according to YouTube, may also be valuable to creators in learning what their channel's users are talking about without having to read through all of the comments one by one. According to YouTube, this might also help them get ideas for new videos based on comment subjects. In addition, authors will be able to delete any comments that appear under certain themes if they like.

According to YouTube, the themes will only be summarized based on public comments, not those held for review or those that include restricted terms or are from blocked users. For the time being, this experiment, which is now operating on a small number of movies, will only be available in English.

YouTube said the experiments will continue in the next weeks and months as the firm receives input on how users are interacting with the new capabilities.

Google has been experimenting with artificial intelligence across its product portfolio, from Search to Workspace to consumer apps like Photos and Assistant, among others. On YouTube, the company has also experimented with AI-powered ads that allow brands to target cultural moments, as well as a number of creator-focused AI features, such as tools for finding music for videos, AI-powered dubbing, and "Dream Screen," a generative AI feature that lets you create a background image or video for YouTube Shorts.

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