A cutting-edge supercomputer can quickly calculate things that take competitors decades to do

A cutting-edge supercomputer can quickly calculate things that take competitors decades to do


10 July 2023

Google has created a ground-breaking quantum computer that can perform calculations instantly. These calculations would take about 47 years on today's supercomputers. This achievement demonstrates the potential power of these experimental computers and how they can surpass more traditional supercomputers.

The researchers that made the breakthrough used the most recent version of Google to carry out their research. They discovered that the computer was capable of performing calculations in recording timing that, according to the findings, would take decades to finish on a conventional computer. If accurate, these discoveries might provide the first concrete illustration of quantum dominance.

The researchers made advantage of a more advanced Sycamore quantum computer, which Google first unveiled in 2019. This version has a CPU that is more than 241 million times more powerful than the previous version and has access to 70 qubits. This experiment was designed to see how well Google's quantum computer performs in comparison to more conventional supercomputers.

The outcomes are clearly fascinating, especially in light of the ongoing development of quantum technology by organizations like Google, which is intended to significantly advance our cognitive abilities. This "competition," as they call it, is actually intended to provide answers to two important queries.

Is there an area with "well-defined boundaries for the region where the exponentially large Hilbert space is, in fact, leveraged by a noisy quantum processor?" More importantly, it seeks to determine whether we can set up an experiment that can be observed and also tests these boundaries.

According to the most recent research, Google's most recent quantum computer upgrade was able to perform calculations that would typically take Frontier, the top supercomputer in the world, almost 47 years to complete. It's a significant development that may well move quantum computers up the priority list for many computers, especially as AI continues to soar and people look for methods to advance and increase productivity.

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