Apple Music Classical announced and coming soon

Apple Music Classical announced and coming soon


13 March 2023

It was 2021 when Apple was moving to acquire Primephonic, a streaming service specialising in classical music, but it took almost two years before we saw the fruits of that investment. The company had originally said it would launch a separate service for classical music in 2022, however, that will happen in the current month of March.

Around March 28, 2023, we will officially welcome Apple Music Classical, a separate app exclusively for classical music playback, which will include more than 5 million high-fidelity recordings, hundreds of thoughtful playlists, thousands of exclusive albums, and a wealth of detailed information about composers and their work, with full analyses of several of them.

According to the company, Apple Music Classical will only be supported by iOS devices running iOS 15.4 or later, and those who already have an Apple Music subscription or Apple One plan will not have to pay anything extra to use it. More exclusive material will gradually be added in up to 192 kHz/24-bit Hi-Res Lossless resolution, but also with support for Spatial Audio technology.

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