Google adds Playables to YouTube Premium accounts

Google adds Playables to YouTube Premium accounts


28 November 2023

YouTube is boosting its gaming ambitions by granting Premium users access to a collection of online games that were originally tested with a small group of users in September. The Google-owned corporation has begun informing Premium members that they may begin playing more than 30 mini-games. Users do not need to download anything to play the games. The games are available for Android, iOS, and PC.

To begin, users may get to a "Playables" shelf by scrolling on Home or by clicking a "Playables" link in the Explore menu on desktop and mobile. Daily Solitaire, The Daily Crossword, Angry Birds Showdown, Merge Pirates, Farm Land, Words of Wonder, Endless Siege, 8 Ball Billiards Classic, and Brain Games are among the games available.

The games may not be available at all times, since YouTube says that they are only playable until March 28. YouTube frequently tests new features with Premium subscribers before making them generally available. Alternatively, YouTube may be providing Premium subscribers with access to the games in order to mitigate the impact of its newly hiked membership rate.

YouTube is one of several non-gaming platforms that have entered the gaming sector. Netflix has spent the last two years expanding its gaming library, which currently includes more than 70 games. The streaming behemoth is also looking to expand into cloud gaming.TikTok has also been testing HTML5 mini-games with a number of partners, including game makers Vodoo, Nitro Games, FRVR, Aim Lab, and Lotum. However, TikTok parent firm ByteDance's gaming aspirations have stalled significantly, with the business beginning huge layoffs in its gaming areas.

Games aren't the only thing new for Premium users; YouTube has recently begun to experiment with new generative AI features, such as an AI conversational tool that answers questions about YouTube's content and a new feature that summarizes topics in a video's comments.

YouTube also added new capabilities for Premium customers earlier this month. The business boosted the availability of its higher bitrate version of 1080p HD to more devices, added the option to continue viewing YouTube across devices to smart TVs and tablets, rolled out accomplishment badges, and announced new deals on the Premium perks page.

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