Google News gets redesigned on 20th anniversary

Google News gets redesigned on 20th anniversary


22 June 2022

In celebration of the service's 20th anniversary, Google has radically redesigned the PC version of Google News, with a greater emphasis on accessibility, personalization, and local news.

The company notes that the redesign came after taking into account users' views on how the look should be changed. The main topics will be displayed with a larger thumbnail image and next to them we will see the coverage from different media for a more comprehensive update.


A visit to the new Google News will see the top stories of the day, a separate Local News section and options based on your personal preferences on the right. From there you can add various sites to Local News to learn the news from the areas you are interested in. Also, the menu has been moved to the left and moved to the top of the page for easier access.


Perhaps the most important change is the Fact Check section. Until now, the issues that had been checked for validity simply carried a signal from the respective body that approved them. They are now accompanied by a clearer indication that they are audited by independent authorities.

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