Google Play: Soon you could ask someone else to pay for your purchases

Google Play: Soon you could ask someone else to pay for your purchases


28 May 2024

A new update to the Google Play Store will include an in-app payment button. The Play Store offers a diverse selection of apps and games, with something for everyone. The marketplace contains a profusion of free apps and games, as well as a premium apps and games category.

There are reports that the Google Play Store now has a "Ask someone else to pay for this item" button. When purchasing an app or game from the Play Store, during the payment process, you can utilize this option to ask your friends or family members to pay for the app you want.

Notably, this new Google Play Store button is now available to customers in India and is likely to be available in additional markets shortly. When a user touches the "Ask someone else to pay for this item" option, they are informed that the person paying on their behalf must have their email address and can view the item being purchased.

Using this payment method, a new payment link is issued, which the user can send to their friends or family members via email or their preferred app and request payment. Furthermore, the payer has 24 hours to finish the purchase, after which the payment link expires.

The payment link contains a short sentence that includes both the app name and the price. Tapping the new payment button brings up the system share sheet, which allows the user to share the link with anyone.

The Google Play Store has recently added a number of useful features that improve the user experience. Previously, you had to wait for the first installation to finish before proceeding with the next one. Last month, Google introduced a function that allows users to download two apps simultaneously.

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