GPT-4 is now official, more powerful and more humanlike

GPT-4 is now official, more powerful and more humanlike


14 March 2023

The "war" for the integration of AI into tools used daily by hundreds of millions of users worldwide has escalated in recent days and today two very important developments have emerged as to who will get the upper hand.

It started with OpenAI and Microsoft moving forward with the launch of GPT-4, the new version of the famous Chat-GPT that comes with exponentially improved capabilities, in that it can produce text fed with images and descriptions from the user.

Microsoft even confirmed that the corresponding tool it has been offering for a few weeks now in Bing Chat is based on this version, and stressed that GPT-4 has been in development for over 6 months, with its training being done from publicly available data on a supercomputer set up on the company's Azure service.

In this first phase, users will only benefit from answers that come in text form, while in later time GPT-4 will even be able to produce videos. Still, OpenAI notes that the new version of the AI tool is tremendously improved over the previous one, having the ability to accurately identify complex topics (or descriptions if you will) and serve up answers with more "human" logic.

Apart from Microsoft, several companies such as Morgan Stanley, Stripe, Duolingo and Khan Academy have already gained access to GPT-4.

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